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BVI Companies Registry Fee - BVI Company

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BVI Companies Registry Regular Fees - BVI Company

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  • This single fee covers a fully configured BVI Company with all the most useful optional services -including the provision of a shareholding service, company director and secretary - all provided for one year. All corporate documents of Premium package are notarized and certified for international use and shipped by courier. This package represents a time-tested, complete set of services as usually ordered by the most experienced clients. It's also the best value, saving $381 off the individual prices of the same components!

BVI Companies Registry Fee - For easy comparison with any competing offers, here is a complete list of what's included

1. BVI Company formation . Drafting and signing the Memorandum and Articles of Association by the Registered Agent, obtaining the original Certificate of Incorporation and Registry-certified originals of the Memorandum and Articles. Post-incorporation procedures - Resolution for the appointment of Director(s), Secretary, Registered Agent, allocation of shares and provision of the supporting beneficiary documentation (declarations) Fee $ 300 2 .Official registration fee to the BVI Government. (Annually recurring fee.) Fee $ 350 3. Provision of the Registered Office and Registered Agent in the BVI to comply with the minimum domestic presence rules. (Annually recurring fee.) Fee $ 300 4. Provision of a corporate shareholder service. (Annually recurring fee.) Fee $ 200 5. Provision of a corporate directorship service. (Annually recurring fee.) Fee $ 300 6. Provision of a company secretary. (Annually recurring fee.) Fee $ 100 7. A set of certified copies of the primary documents (copies of the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, an original Appointment of the First Director), certified by the Registered Agent, notarized and legalized by Apostille for international use. Fee $ 200 8. Issue of a standard-wording Limited Power of Attorney (attributing actual operational powers to the client), notarized and legalized and Apostille for international use. Fee $ 200 9. Embossed Corporate Seal (mandatory under the new BVI Companies Act.) Fee $ 50 10. Delivery of documentation by FedEx courier (average – depends on destination). Fee from $ 80 TOTAL STANDARD VALUE TOTAL STANDARD VALUE Fee $ 2080


  • ANNUAL RENEWAL FEES – will be due from 2nd year of operation and yearly thereafter. This is the full package of services, designed for convenience and confidentiality, including :
  • • Government fees $ 350 p.a.
  • • Registered Office and Registered Agent $ 300 p.a.
  • • Nominee Director $ 300 p.a.
  • • Nominee Shareholder $ 200 p.a.
  • • Company Secretary $ 100 p.a.
  • ----------------------------- TOTAL ANNUAL RENEWAL FEES $ 1250 --------------------------


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