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About China Company Tax Registration
1)Q:What is the time requirement for processing tax
To hold relevant supporting documents and submit to competent tax authority in processing tax registration within 30 days from the date of approval for business license.
2)Q:How can I process the tax registration regarding
    cessation of business?
Taxpayer who pays tax regularly in fixed amount shall place the "Cessation of Business Application" with competent tax authority, and after approval, receive the Notice of Approval of Cessation of Business . Other taxpayers need not process application , they shall only make zero filing.
3)Q:How can I process resumption tax registration?  
Complete the "Form of Receiving Resumption Document" and return the Notice of Approval of Cessation of Business , and resume business after approval.
4)Q:Does enterprise setting up of a branch company
    require process ing tax registration? Can it be appl ied
    for by a plain invoice?
Yes. It need process tax registration. The company shall also bring all of its Industrial & Commercial Business License, parent company information, ID card of corporate representative of parent company and other documents to process at tax bureau. Enterprise s with a branch of independent accountability shall report its financial statements to local tax bureau and apply for plain invoice.
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