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Hong Kong Incorporation FAQ Real

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Hong Kong Incorporation FAQ Real

  • Q :Hong Kong Incorporation FAQ Real 1I want to Incorporating In Hong Kong, Please tell me what is the procedures,Fee & Formalities.
  • - You can start by giving the name of the company to us and we will do a name check. You can also do a preliminary name check yourself by visiting the Companies Registry web site here: ICRIS and we will do the final check afterward.
  • - Find a friend / relative who will witness the birth of the company. He needs to sign the Memorandum and Articles of Association as the witness later in the process. The witness must be an adult, and must not be a director / shareholder of the company.
  • - You can also visit our office and we will be the witness.
  • - Do you have a Hong Kong address at the time of incorporation? If not, then you need to use our registered address service. For HKD $1,200 per year, we will forward all mails addressed to the company under 30g to one over sea address once a month using regular air mail. Advertisements will not be forwarded.
  • - Do you have A4 papers? You may find them locally at Staple. US Letter size is not accepted. If you cannot find A4 papers, we will mail the documents to you. It usually takes 5-10 days for Hong Kong mails to arrive US.
  • - Alternatively, you can email the directors , shareholders , and witness ‘ names , passport numbers , passport issuing countries , and residential addresses , and number of shares ownership to us and we will input the information for you.
  • - If you need us to print and mail the documents to you, you need to pay us before we mail the documents. If you print your own documents, you can pay us when you return the signed documents.
  • - Sign the documents. The signing instructions can be found here: Hong Kong Incorporation Signing Instructions.
  • - Either fax or email the signed documents to us for inspection. Our contact information.
  • - Return the original signed documents to us by mail. It takes about six days for the incorporation process to complete after we receive the documents. Our “cutoff” time is 3:00pm Monday to Friday.
  • - If you plan to come to Hong Kong to open a bank account, you can visit our office to pick up the package.
  • - final cost = incorporation cost + registered office service + shipping cost (if applicable)

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