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How about Purchasing Shelf Company ?

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How about Purchasing Shelf Company ?

  • 1. Shelf Company Incorporation
  • Shelf Company always has following characteristics :
  • - It has not appointed a director ;
  • - It has Certificate of Incorporation, seal of company, stock certificate book and other documents required by law ;
  • - It has not applied for business registration certificate, without business activities ;
  • - The purchaser can make purchase only by supplying necessary documents.
  • Shelf Company is very common in most countries and regions, for example, Hong Kong , Singapore , British Virgin Islands (BVI), United State s of America (U.S.A.) and Cayman Islands . In general, Shelf Company shall not appoint any director, nor apply for business registration certificate, and it hasn't power to conduct business and open a bank account, so there is no potential risk in purchasing Shelf Company.
  • 2. Shelf Company name Incorporation
  • Just as newly-incorporated company, the intended company name shall also be checked with Companies Registry , only if it's available, the Shelf Company can apply to Companies Registry for change of name. It will take about 14 workdays to alter name of Shelf Company.
  • 3. Shelf Company Registration Certificate Incorporation
  • Certificate of Incorporation :
  • - Business Registration Certificate
  • - 20 copies of the Company's Articles of Association
  • - The Company's steel seal
  • - The Company's pre-inked chop
  • - Stock certificate book
  • - Copies of documents filed with Government, for example, the Notice of Appointment of the first director, Notice of Acceptance of Director and Notice of Registered Address, etc.
  • 4. Directors can be appointed of purchasing Shelf Company
  • 1-50 persons

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