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Offshore Company Business - Why ones are the best ?

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Offshore Company Business - Why ones are the best ?

Offshore Company Business - Case 1

  • Mr.Wang is a smart businessman. He runs international trading business. He made a lot of profits. At first, he came to Hong Kong and registered an offshore company using BVI as an offshore company and opened an offshore bank account, a couple of months later, the bank suspended his corporate bank account without a reason, but only sent a letter to him and explained that your money is suspected in our record. The bank required Mr. wang to prove how the money he got ? Mr.Wang came to Hong Kong and talked with the bank manager and explained that it is the money from my trading business.
  • The bank manager asked for business proof, and said, “Do you have recorded proofs ?”. Mr.Wang explained that my business is done overseas, there is not required to keep any business record at all, my overseas agent hasn’t asked me to file accounts to BVI Company Registry ? The bank manager said, “Sorry, I can’t help you”, you have no proof, we have to suspend your accounts until further noticed. Mr.Wang found a lawyer and suited the bank but at last got nothing.

Offshore Company Business - FAQ

  • Why ? ....... Are you now talking offshore gets NO benefits ? Are you asking me to register local company instead ? My own country charges me 50% profits tax ? USA company charges higher. Even France company, UK company, Canada company, .... etc. How can I do ?
  • I have read a lot of offshore information, they seldom read out this serious problem, namely “How can you protect your money in offshore bank accounts from your offshore business”. Remember, if you do offshore business, it comes out only two results, good business result or bad business result. Being good business result means that a coupe of periods later your offshore bank account will have a lot of money. How if I transfer all money to my local bank account ? Or transfer to other offshore bank accounts ? Think about it ? Is it safe ? I know that some governments rule out to their bankers that if they find significant bank movements or transactions, they are required in law to report to them. As given by international rules against money laundering or tax evasion, the local or international bankers are more cautious of the transactions of offshore bank account. How I can do ?

Offshore Company Business - Online Support

  • Don’t worry. I recommend one jurisdiction to you. It is the most safe. please contact QIDA professionals and we will provide you with free advisory.

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