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Hong Kong company write off

Don't operation Hong Kong company revoked
When Hong Kong company are no longer operates in more than three months, saving spending, after the company and all the shareholders agree, you can then be for company registration revoked.


company formation with trust arrangement hong kong

Company formation with trust arrangement hong kong involve real estate requires its exact description and the trustor’s express, written consent to create the trust to be valid. A will admitted to probate may also act like a trust agreement. Also called trust deed, trust document, or trust instrument.


Shelf company info

The shelf company shelves, company or age corporation, is a company or company, no activities. It was created and lost activities - on the shelf metaphor "to" age ". The company can sell a person or group of people hope to start a company without all the procedures of creating a new.



Hong Kong trademark introduction

Hong Kong registered trademarks in four years 187 started operation, is one of the world's oldest trademark registry one. In addition to registered trademarks outside, in 1992 more added registered trademark of service-oriented business. By 1996 April to in March 1997 date, trade marks registry applications received amounted to 16,708 copies, and over the past years, the application number has been increasing steadily.


Investment Strategist suggests

Investment Strategist suggests that investors would be wise to average their money in over several months
“A price correction can occur at any time and exogenous events can happen at any time to rattle the markets—suggesting that investors would be wise not to push all of their cash into the market at one time......

ASEAN has to be China's Third Largest Trade Partner

ASEAN has to be China's Third Largest Trade Partner
Statistics indicated that Chinese export to ASEAN in January stood at USD10.55b, up 52.8%; import from ASEAN USD10.93b, up 1.2 times.

Chinese government have to do more

Chinese government have to do more to cool down the economy
So far, the government seems to be taking the view that China's main problem is that property prices are too high, not that the total economy is overheating.

Foreign investors worry

Foreign investors worry about their long-term future in Chinese key market due to Chinese protectionism
A new survey from the American Chamber of Commerce in China indicated that concern is growing among U.S. businesses in the country that protectionist policies are threatening their long-term future in a key market, even while they remain optimistic about an economy that has rebounded strongly from the global recession.

Immense potential for UAE companies

Immense potential for UAE companies interested in expanding their business in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) has announced that it will be holding a number of international trade fairs in 2010......

Closer economic partnership

Closer economic partnership-New Zealand will increase competition from Hong Kong imports
Although Hong Kong already offers duty-free imports for all countries, the agreement effectively locks in that status for New Zealand companies, who exported goods worth $764 million to the Special Administrative Area in the year to March last year.