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4.3billion U.S. dollars in foreign currency reserves

Hong Kong's official foreign currency reserve assets at the end of April for the U.S. $ 276,900,000,000, the number of registered United States March 43 billion, the Monetary Authority says.There no unsettled forward contracts this year total foreign exchange reserves at end-April March.The 9 times the assets of that currency in circulation or 55 Hong Kong dollar M3%.


HK revised air pollution rules

Hong Kong Government has been asked to finalize the critics in an increasingly polluted world financial center in a new air quality regulations in the schedule, an environmental group said Sunday.

From the city inspectors ordered a few months later, the Hong Kong Friends of the Earth asked an outdated interpretation of air quality objectives, mainly since the late 20th century, the same 80 years the leaders of the Chinese territory. The environmental group to make a formal complaint over the city last year, the pollution rules.


Hong Kong-funded project is completed in Sichuan earthquake

The third Hong Kong-funded reconstruction projects in Sichuan quake-hit areas has been completed and in operation by the Hong Kong government press release said Friday. Tang said that although Hong Kong and Sichuan's systems are different, the nature of the different reconstruction projects throughout many parts of the province, both jurisdictions have established a perfect mutual trust, constant contact and communication through the close co-operation, according to News release. 39 projects involving 27 and 12 are of direct government involvement by non-governmental organizations. These projects spread across 10 areas in Sichuan. After a May 12, 2008 earthquake, Hong Kong inject 9 billion yuan into the rectum.



HK's top earner pays $50m in salaries tax

Hong Kong national tax unit statisticses:Close November, 2010, Hong Kong's tallest receive totally pays taxes on income 500,000,000 dollars, the tallest yield totally pays 3,100,000,000.

Close November, 2010, rank secondary higher - the receive totally pay 410,000,000 revenues, compare little the year before last year 170,000,000, placings third of receive paid 280,000,000, little 1 must. In 2010-11 drive cenre 10 companies pay of mass of profit tax row range from$730,000,000 arrive$3,100,000,000, ratio variety high$710,000,000 arrive$2,630,000,000 at recording for 2009-10 years.


HK is reviewed for one of the top travel destination

Hong Kong drive TripAdvisor travel the users of website reviewing be ten for world of an and Asia's best tour earth.Chairman from overseas tour in Hong Kong James Tien say to be chosen one of the tour earths that likes most for them, this matter by millions who travel and be good enough to prove global popularity of Hong Kong.It not only again the packing sheet settled Hong Kong travels in the world the location of realm leader, also affirmed the hard operate of each member of our tourism.He says that more than 300 global tour earths be given reward of honor.



The April trade fair in Hong Kong successfully ends

In marking clearly Hong Kong trade shape committee seven a news conferences of trade fairs last month, HKTDC surrogate run -time director class the adjudication that hero's people Chau outlined that the independence that be led during the period of fair cycle inspects.


Support Hong Kong stock

The Hong Kong securities market has completed in four straight low now the trading day strong, but more than 600 points, or 2.6% along the way.

The hang seng index 23,520 - only in complete, investors are now point plateau all hope that the market can find some traction on Wednesday when it opens. Global weather forecast said Asian markets generally optimistic about bargain hunting proof several days of decline.


"The world's first 3D porn" opening in Hong Kong

Flocked to see people in droves. What is billed as the world's first 3D porn movie opens when packing the cinema in Hong Kong, some screening Thursday sales pulled.

Loosely based on a Chinese classical pornography, the movie Cantonese - $3.2 million language - 3d sex and zen: extreme ecstasy "characteristics, dissolute, swinging and some very graphic sex scenes.


Hong Kong suffer sales of pressure

The stock dropped by 0.38 earlier yesterday by a mood, profit rally over the past week dealer consolidate.

The benchmark hang seng index closed down in 24,303.07 93 points. "We see some selling pressure, today's three weeks after the rally. Market is technically a small overbought said:" now, in Louis wong, research director fai made securities.



Private sector growth picked up in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's private sector recorded robust growth in March, according to Markit economics monthly survey. HSBC title of purchasing managers' index (PMI), comprehensive index sign of design, provide timely in popular commercial condition change, stood up, from enrolled 54.9 in February, data shows, Wednesday.