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Massive pillow fight

Hundreds of people attended the massive riots in Hong Kong international pillow fight day.

More than 1,200 people signed up on facebook, for what is described as "just what the doctor ordered for Hong Kong people's repressive inner child." "So I commanded, strategic, leadership conductor of the sons of Scotland, tell everyone, how they can take our lives, never take our freedom -- I'm going to put one of them.


Jackie chan title for Japan. Hong Kong benefits

Rush hour stars attended Andy lau, up-and-comer donnie yen and other Asian performers for the three hours of benefits.

Jackie chan open display by calling for a moment of silence to honor thousands lost their lives in the march (11) tragedy.


Local mothers-to-be has priority

The hospital authority will stop booking for non-local pregnant when public hospital maternity services at capacity.

He also called on private medical department considering their ability, the local pregnant women provide some services.


Found in Hong Kong radioactive dust

Radioactive dust from a blemish in nuclear power plant believe Japanese have found nearly 3,000 kilometres away in Hong Kong, officials said Wednesday.

Such a tiny amount, detected a it want to 25 years of continuous exposure to any appreciable impact on human health, an official said, from Hong Kong observatory.


Hong Kong spectrum auction were reviewed

Office in Hong Kong telecommunications administration announced a new auction will be held on February 2011 release more 3G and 4G spectrum 850 MHZ, 900 MHZ and 2 gigahertz band.

In particular, the new block to be auctioned, the lowest price of HK $every 30 MHZ block $3 billion ($3.9 billion) for paired 850 and 900 MHZ band and Hong Kong, $15 million ($1.95 million 2 gigahertz band) minimum limitation.


Hong Kong lehman investors pay

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong investors faced massive losses from product tied to bankrupt us investment bank lehman brothers holdings.


Hong Kong banks to repay investors

Hong Kong: Hong Kong banks sold and is now bankrupt Lehman Brothers has agreed to pay investors the equivalent of up to 96.5 percent of the tens of thousands of its investment, the regulator said the bank will buy back Sunday.


Hong Kong company write off

Don't operation Hong Kong company revoked
When Hong Kong company are no longer operates in more than three months, saving spending, after the company and all the shareholders agree, you can then be for company registration revoked.


Scotland launched Hong Kong

Scotland was announced the launch of Hong Kong's event attended by seven teams in the Scottish football. A template is a London's new team, formed the Scottish football club in a century ago.


Hainan drawback plans to expand domestic tourists

The government plans to expand domestic tourists hainan drawback plans to hold a press conference in haikou The hainan province in expanding its drawback schemes on March 24 in domestic tourists.

The meeting will cover kickbacks, qualification, refund application, return types of goods times cap, procedures, tax breaks, supervision measures and other details.