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Hong Kong's data due on Tuesday

Hong Kong's data due on Tuesday (RTTNews) -- Hong Kong plan released Tuesday on the fourth quarter inflation Numbers and february.it account data, the first a modest one day, because Asian economic news.


Long time in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, that one of the most abundant city, form bright contrast. Ladies toting gucci handbag wait two hours in a dark alley for a coveted noodles.

Incense - check buddhist temples for new architectural space with gleaming high-rises.


Three different parts, hung hom, Kowloon will be sold

The Hong Kong government is planning to sell, hung hom three different regions in the next three months, can provide nearly 400 houses.


company formation with trust arrangement hong kong

Company formation with trust arrangement hong kong involve real estate requires its exact description and the trustor’s express, written consent to create the trust to be valid. A will admitted to probate may also act like a trust agreement. Also called trust deed, trust document, or trust instrument.


Private jet in hot demand for Japanese exodus grows

Deepening the nuclear crisis private jet company flooded flight, proposes the use of withdrawals, cause the soaring prices as much as a quarter.

Some multinational corporations are will international staff from Tokyo and surrounding areas after low-level radiation reached metropolis on Tuesday.


Chinese rescuers arrived in Japan for earthquake relief

Chinese rescuers arrived in Japan on Sunday for earthquake relief work. China international airline flights, carrying the 15 members of team, arrived in Tokyo's haneda airport. China international search and rescue team (CISAR) brings them four tons of materials and equipment for search and rescue,


Hong Kong monitoring Japanese food imports

Food safety center in Hong Kong will check fresh products radiation, from Japan food and hygiene bureau chief dr york chow said Sunday.


SEAIR provide low-cost flights to Hong Kong

Quezon city - apart from Manila shopping mecca, SEAIR also hopes to attract Filipino to indulge in the upcoming cultural festivals former British colony.

Southeast Asia airlines (SEAIR) published one-way Hong Kong low fares $25 (or about 1100 pesos).


Shelf company info

The shelf company shelves, company or age corporation, is a company or company, no activities. It was created and lost activities - on the shelf metaphor "to" age ". The company can sell a person or group of people hope to start a company without all the procedures of creating a new.



China will take two big business delegation to the United States and two to the eu countries to promote imported this year, said the head of China's trade promotion organization.

Wan chairman its China council for the promotion of international trade in told China Daily's annual conference, besides, the Chinese people's political consultative conference national committee members, China will send many more trade delegation developed countries than before in 2011.