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Congressman drunk driving was sentenced to four months detention

In eastern China's Zhejiang Province, a former member of drunken driving was sentenced to four months detention and fined 4,000 yuan ($ 619). In Wenzhou, Huanghai Chun, 39-year-old city Longwan District People's Congress deputy, and had a dangerous driving conviction was Longwan District People's Court. According to the Court's findings, yellow evening, June 11 dinner with friends, driving after drinking a bottle of wine.


HK plans to set up trade office in Taiwan

Government plans to set up Hong Kong's economy this year, Trade and Cultural Office in Taiwan, to promote long-term cooperation and exchange. Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau spokesman said today the formal establishment of multi-functional office in Hong Kong, said, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Taiwan relations have entered a new stage.


Personal income tax increased to 3500 yuan

China's largest members of Congress voted Thursday afternoon to the middle tier Chinese income threshold of taxable income by raising more than 3,500 yuan per month tax-free, compared to the original 3000 yuan made by the Cabinet.

By the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, who would have expected to win greater demands to reduce taxes wide public acclaim.

More assistance to recipients

Additional one-time payment on July 5, on the one-time payment for CSSA recipients additional amount to the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance, Disability Allowance and Old Age Allowance recipients is equivalent to one month's standard rate, while for Disability Allowance and Old Age recipients one month's allowance.The Social Welfare Department spokesman said today that the move is a series of relief measures to alleviate the impact of inflation on people's livelihood as part of the package, as the Financial Secretary announced in his Budget speech, the 2 23.


Luxury brand organize HK investors to invest Chinese market

The island's IPO market has lost some luster - but big business is still seen as a ChinaTHERE passport is a strong smell of luxurious Hong Kong stock market these days, as the queue list of Hang Seng global brand, keen to take advantage of the booming region close to The shopping area of Hong Kong Chinese market.Hong have long held such as Prada and the new name for premium beauty; now these luxury goods company is applying for initial public offerings (IPOS) here.Hong Hong Kong is the world's largest IPO market last year, to increased from 87 listings.However this year, only 16 lines began to increase more than $ 7,000,000,000 after the IPO where the prices have been provided from its trading one 400 billion.


About Insurance Authority plan

The consultation conclusions and recommendations of the independent Insurance Authority a detailed plan, announced that the Financial Services and the Treasury KC Chan said today.Secretary establishment of the authority will improve supervision of insurance companies and intermediaries, and in line with international practices is a separate financial regulators, both business and finance, government and industry.The Authority will give power to investigate, search and seizure, the material of the warrant issue, the prosecution's case summary offense and to impose sanctions in misconduct.It will also hold over the regulation of the insurance conduct of intermediaries, through the introduction of a licensing regime.To facilitate a smooth transiti direct role in the regulation ... ... ...

Improving innovative capability is the core of China development strategies

A senior Chinese official said the country's companies to improve their ability to innovate, so as to "rapid" economic and social development support. "Enhancing innovation capability is the core of national development strategies and the fundamental way to reform the country's economic growth model," said Li, one of China (CPC) Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, in east China's Shandong Province, on Friday from continued to Tuesday.While visit local businesses to encourage them to visit Lee in research and development to increase efforts to produce high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights. "

HK four banks have been accused for releasing customers' data

Hong Kong's privacy watchdog on Monday criticized the release of customers' personal information to third parties, accused of selling information about the three of them four banks.

Four banks - Citibank, China Industrial and Commercial Bank, Fubon Bank and Wing Hang Bank - have all been released customers' personal data, and Citibank, Commercial Bank and Fubon Bank also used the economic interests of the information, the privacy of Hong Kong responsible said.

Beijing's relationship with HK is a clash of political cultures

Since the reunification of Hong Kong since 1997, China Central Political Bureau of the opaque and authoritarian way the odds are often used in most parts of Hong Kong's 7 million inhabitants, well-educated and international expectations.

For the mediation of the gap is primarily the responsibility falls on a person, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong's shoulders.

Children no right of abode can seek help from HK Government

Mainland residents in Hong Kong children born in Hong Kong no right of abode may apply to the Hong Kong government assistance, if they are outside Hong Kong, the Acting Secretary for Security, Mr Lai said in reply to queries from members of Congress Raymond, Mr Lai said that these child or their family members to the Immigration Department to Hong Kong Residents Unit, Office of the Hong Kong Government in Beijing, or Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Guangdong, said the department and the Mainland will be provided assistance, such as providing information , the issue of entry permit or facilitate their return to Hong Kong.