Hong Kong registered trademarks profiles

Hong Kong registered trademarks in four years 187 started operation, is one of the world's oldest trademark registry one. In addition to registered trademarks outside, in 1992 more added registered trademark of service-oriented business. By 1996 April to in March 1997 date, trade marks registry applications received amounted to 16,708 copies, and over the past years, the application number has been increasing steadily.

Trademark registration processes

Applicants apply for registration of trademarks, if new after all reach trademark regulations set by the criterion, usually within 10 months received notice, the trademark will also be published announcements. Subsequently, the public if any legal basis, can in the two months of the statutory period with disapproval. If there is no opposition, generally in two months, the trademark can be incorporated. Therefore, if no objection, the whole registration procedure when it takes approximately 14 months. Just registered trademark law protection by the validity, then by the Hong Kong trademark note book place received effective application date calculation.

Applicable international convention

Because China will continue the Paris convention in Hong Kong SAR, plus China Hong Kong as a member of the world trade organization, therefore, trademark applicant in Hong Kong SAR apply, can enjoy the Paris convention priority.

Proposed new trademark laws

Hong Kong SAR plan in 1998 revision local mark law sharply. The government has announced new legislation, consult the Suggestions about public opinion. Suggested method such as approved, will can be simplified application and review procedures, according to the new laws can be registered as trademarks, symbol of species will increase. Such as sound and scent all can be registered trademark assignment and franchisees programs will simplify, involved more than class of trademark registration will also be accepted.