The shelf company shelves, company or age corporation, is a company or company, no activities. It was created and lost activities - on the shelf metaphor "to" age ". The company can sell a person or group of people hope to start a company without all the procedures of creating a new.

Common reasons include: companies to buy a shelf.

And saves hours participation and measures to create a new company.
Get a chance to bid contract. Some jurisdictions need business company for a period of time, can have this ability.
Create a shape company longevity, may boost investor or consumer confidence.
To obtain investment capital.
Get easier to obtain enterprise credit.
These reasons are open to criticism. Many years ago, it will take months to correctly apply business. However, now is very simple, at least in Australia, Canada, the United States and Western Europe, and in so doing. In fact, it can now do very little for a couple of hours in some areas. The company may become "on the shelf" because of a bad business history. Bookshelf can improve a company funds channel, because investors want to creditors and company's history as due diligence.

Many alliance "produce" and sales business, promote the bookshelf fact that new buyers can also have a company has a long history, but complete control over the company's board of directors and shareholders, establish the profile.

One should be careful of aging is re - on a shelf in the company. If a credit bureau can learn about the company produced under the new management, some in their report, effective "re - aging" company. The only way to avoid this is to guarantee the credit bureaus didn't find it.

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