Company formation with trust arrangement hong kong involve real estate requires its exact description and the trustor’s express, written consent to create the trust to be valid. A will admitted to probate may also act like a trust agreement. Also called trust deed, trust document, or trust instrument.

Formally, company formation with trust arrangement hong kong through which a trustor vests the ownership rights (title) to one or more assets to one or more trustees for conservation and protection on behalf of one or more beneficiaries of the trust. It normally states the (1) purpose for which the trust was established and fulfillment of which will terminate the trust, (2) details of the assets placed in the trust, (3) powers and limitations of the trustees, their reporting requirement and other associated provisions, and (4) may also specify the trustees’ compensation, if any.

For company formation with trust arrangement hong kong we provide a trust scheme that we provide nominee director and nominee shareholder and will prepare for two documents, a trust agreement and the power of attorney. In the trust agreement, we will declare that we act as trustee and hold the shares for you as a beneficiary and make it stamped so that it takes legal effect. In the POA, we will sign back to you the powers of the director so that you can sign all agreements, contracts for the company.

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