Don't operation Hong Kong company revoked
When Hong Kong company are no longer operates in more than three months, saving spending, after the company and all the shareholders agree, you can then be for company registration revoked.

Associated companies must be registered under the companies ordinance, debt-repaying ability established a private company, but not including the companies ordinance 291AA (16) of the specified company, or according to the ordinance of the company, registered XI and comply with the following matters:

All members are agreed to cancel the registration;
The company never start business or operation, or in the application already stop immediately before the business or operation over three months;
The company no outstanding debt;
The company has already made tax chief don't object to cancel the registration written notice.
Transaction process: our staff receive your application will be cancelled for your company, after making good "don't object to revoke notice" authorized by your company directors to sign. Submit, about 25 working days after to tax bureau, can to reply. If no outstanding taxes and other violation of customs bureau not allowed in revocation, the provisions of the cancellation procedures can be declared to the registry.

For some time: six months to eight months (tax bureau is a notice of no objection would be to the applicant submit application form and pay the relevant expenses effectively the 25 working days. The application will be issued in gazetted twice. In the first xian newspaper announcement, there will be published after three months to put forward objection deadline. Director as in not received during the pac, and DengDi against two copies of xian newspaper journal, when the company announced that the applicant will accuse disbanded. Cancel the registration process and the company received notice after dissolution.)

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