Office in Hong Kong telecommunications administration announced a new auction will be held on February 2011 release more 3G and 4G spectrum 850 MHZ, 900 MHZ and 2 gigahertz band.

In particular, the new block to be auctioned, the lowest price of HK $every 30 MHZ block $3 billion ($3.9 billion) for paired 850 and 900 MHZ band and Hong Kong, $15 million ($1.95 million 2 gigahertz band) minimum limitation.

Winning bidders are doomed to be awarded 15 years of license and required to provide cover at least 50 percent of the population (nearly 8 million people) in five years.

The auction, which was held in an internet-based software platform, the final conclusion earlier this month after a total of 41 bidding rounds past four days.

When The winning bidders to be granted licenses required 15 - The year for coverage to afford to 50% of The population at nothing near 8 million people) (for five within does not be.

The work, which was my on an Internet - based software platform, concluded earlier month 9 brick structure of a total at.this xpa was bidding rounds over four a-one doing.