Hong Kong Company Secretary 1
The number of Hong Kong Company Secretary
Under Hong Kong law, each incorporated with limited liability in Hong Kong, both must have a company secretary.
Hong Kong company secretary qualifications
Hong Kong company secretary can be a natural person or a body corporate. If the individual, the person must always be resident in Hong Kong; if a body corporate, the body corporate must be registered in Hong Kong, address or place of business. Listed companies more stringent requirements on the Secretary. The secretary of a listed company must be a person, not a body corporate, and the person must be a British Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators Association, Hong Kong Branch member, a solicitor, barrister or professional accountant, and must be recognized Stock Exchange in the academic and professional qualifications be sufficient to discharge its duties.
Under the law, Hong Kong companies by the directors of part-time post of the Secretary, that has a dual identity. When a document was jointly signed by the directors and secretaries, it has the dual role of directors and secretaries who can only be signed by the Secretary of the identity.