As the economy of China grows, an increasing number of companies would like to establish a presence in China. However, most of them don't know that the easiest way to have a presence in China is to establish a Hong Kong company. This way, using Hong Kong as a gateway to do business in China, companies would enjoy many benefits of Hong Kong company as well as the need of a presence in Asia.

Establishing a Hong Kong Company for purchasing activities with China and the rest of the world has many advantages. When buying from the Chinese and/or Asian market, the Company can enjoy significant tax and operational benefits - with or without a China mainland entity. The Foreign Company can use a Hong Kong Company as a re-invoicing center for purchases from China and other Asian countries and accumulate profits at favorable tax rates. The regular tax on profits is 16.5%, but if the profits of a Hong Kong Company are generated through offshore business, they are tax free.

Because of its regulated business environment and stable economy, establishing a Hong Kong company is a secure, long-term structure. The lack of corruption in Hong Kong, also facilitates business formation. According to the World Bank's (HSBC) Doing Business, establishing a Hong Kong company is easy and quick.

With the help of QIDA CPA LIMITED, establishing a Hong Kong company is a straightforward process. QIDA incorporation advisors are familiar with the company laws and tax systems in every location of the globe, and can provide full support for investors to develop their businesses in line with the laws and regulations of different regions. Our professional, transparent and logical approach ensures each Hong Kong business establishment process is as smooth as it can be.