May I Using CNY Payment to China Supplier ?

Background - using CNY for China trade and business
-China is major production base in the world (export)
-CNY is not international currency
-however, a non-China company cannot keep RMB in bank account - especially outside of China
 -and China is becoming a stronger consumer of western product and services (importer);
-as CNY raise in value, and fluctuate in value, it is worthwhile for both buyer and seller to use RMB for business;
-however, a non-China company cannot keep RMB in bank account - especially outside of China;
CNY bank account is possible for hong kong company in hong kong
-Hong Kong is granted special status by China government to allow Hong Kong company to keep RMB bank account in Hong Kong;
-purpose is to facilitate China business;
How can do it :
n         a Hong Kong company can open multi-currency bank account with hong Kong HSBC
n         with simple extra application procedure, can open also a RMB account in Hong Kong
n         when the Hong Kong company needs to pay RMB to China
l         it ensures the China company is a "qualified company" in China to receive RMB from Hong Kong
l         then, gives instruction to Hong Kong HSBC to transfer RMB to China company;
l         and instruct the bank from which bank account balance (HK$, US$, Euro .. etc.) to deduct the money
l         the company can enter into contract with HSBC to hedge the exchange rate;
when the Hong Kong company needs to receive CNY from China
a)       the China side money payer will clear the procedure in China;
b)       and the money will reach Hong Kong company CNY account in Hong Kong;
c)       the Hong Kong company can keep the money in CNY or convert to other currency;
a)       when the Hong Kong company needs to withdraw or transfer CNY balance in its CNY account, it needs to convert into other international currency first;
b)       CNY keeping in CNY account can be used for investment purpose of RMB product (such as CNY bonds in Hong Kong);
c)        the mechanism does not allow converting CNY for value speculation purpose;
US$1 to RMB in since 2005
Annoucement by People's Bank of China
Administrative Measures on Settlement of Cross-border Trade in CNYon a Trial Basis (Chinese).
Issuing Authority : People's Bank of China, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Taxation and China Banking Regulatory Commission.
Date of Issuance : 1 July 2009.
Effective Date : 1 July 2009.