Hong Kong companies to the benefits of audit
A copy of Hong Kong, Hong Kong accountants to audit the company's audit report will enable management to understand business operations and financial position in real terms, taking the opportunity to reduce financial crime, providing a more realistic and fair business investors information in order to make appropriate decisions. Furthermore, all set up in Hong Kong, Ltd., established by its management accounts, all must follow the "Companies Ordinance" (Laws of Hong Kong 32nd) section 122, to appoint an independent auditor, audit of annual accounts in order to be able to shareholders each year, the company's annual general meeting of shareholders to disclose. In addition, the IRD will require companies to submit an annual tax return, attach the financial statements have been audited for tax assessment process.
In our audit report, in addition to the company Xiangxi the audit reports, will also boost profits and its overall competitiveness in areas such as provide advice and guide the directors of the Company shall be subject to any customs regulations in order to comply with its Some of the responsibility. When we are in the line of the review process, we will also maintain communication with customers, so that the customer for their own financial situation, an appropriate understanding of the benefits of Hong Kong companies and the role of the Audit of the main advantages from this. If you need to carry out the company's annual evaluation and the Hong Kong company to account tax and other related professional services, you can always contact us, we have our accountant always there for you.