How to register of overseas trademarks ?
Exports in overseas trademarks applications, including trademark registration, trademark renewal, change the registrant name / address, trademarks and trademark applications for the transfer of advice, information, monitoring, dispute, disputes, tort litigation and the use of declarations submitted by commodity.
An application for trademark registration considerations and requirements :
A trademark in a country or regions of each type of goods to apply for an application. Each mark in each country / region of the application must be completed, "an application to foreign registered trademark of entrustment letter" a ;Submit an application registered trade mark registered in a certified copy or a registered trademark of the license issued by another registered owner of the power of attorney, is not registered in the country should attach a statement affirming the trademark ownership and the situation;
Submit printed reproduction of the mark 25 (not more than 8CM * 8CM, not less than 3CM * 3CM). In the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, each application needed to apply for trademark registration label attached to utility 10, special circumstances do not provide useful label, you can use pictures of goods or their packaging to replace, but we should focus on trademark part of it;
Application registered trademark of the goods specified in generic terms should be specified together with the international and accurate English translation;
Handling trademark matters in the signed documents to be submitted, the client should be asked to sign, that is, the client himself or by a person entrusted unit primarily responsible for handwritten signatures and add registered office and name of the signer of the pinyin system, sent to Japan's delegate, requested to sign with the regular script traditional characters, such as the use cursive simplified characters, traditional characters must be filling the corresponding regular script. Requirements with official seals, shall be stamped with official seal.
Second, other considerations and requirements :
Process the change the registered trademark name / address and the transfer of trademarks, renewals, opposition, controversy, litigation and filing of trademark infringement, etc. Note the use of statements and requirements
The registration of trademarks's name / address change issues, our clients are required to submit notarized by the local industrial and commercial bureau or department who issued the registered name / address change proof. Each change of trademark registration applications for a change to prove the original;
Apply for trademark assignment, the assignor and the assignee may notify the transfer of a letter of intent, respectively, and were stamped with official seal;
Apply for trademark renewal, the registrant shall be valid trademark registration to the relevant authorities before the expiry of six months, the initiative put forward and provide information on registration. Under normal circumstances, the relevant departments will be informed in advance as possible renewal of a registered person, but not without notice or liability that may result if the registrant did not receive notice of the consequences;
After registration must be requested in the registration country or regions. The registered person should pay attention to retain the use of evidence before and after the trademark registration. Which contain the trade mark goods sales contracts, invoices, bills of lading, etc. and registration of the mark in the country (region) of the advertising, promotional materials, samples and so on. For filing the statement required use of the trademark will be required by the relevant requirements of declaration duly completed and signed, be submitted within the prescribed period, while providing practical labels on the use of evidence;
Handled trademark opposition, disputes, tort litigation matter, the client should be detailed to explain the situation and provide relevant evidence.