Hong Kong Company Formation - What is the cost ?

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The first year service fee:
* Company Registration Service HK $ 1,570
The preparation of Memorandum and Articles of
Apply for Certificate of Incorporation
Ready to record books, stock certificates, statutory registration
Preparation of a common seal
Preparing the Group's rubber-stamp
* The opening of the HSBC bank accounts of 1,200 Hong Kong dollars
Ready to open a bank account in the form of, the directors a declaration that the letter, certified copy of the document and submitted to the company HSBC
* Acting for a whole year, the Company Secretary Hong Kong dollars 2,500 million
Application for business registration certificate
Documents of directors and secretary
Files registered office address of
Annual return
Dealing with change company name
To handle the increased capital, the allocation of shares and transfer of shares
Processing change of address, appointment and resignation of directors
Sampling board minutes, general meetings
Reminded the ongoing obligations and to comply with
* The registered office of the year of HK $ 3,600
Registered Office Address
Mail Forwarding
Government for the first year costs:
* Business Registration Certificate of HK $ 450
* Certificate of Hong Kong dollars 1720 U.S. dollars
* Capital tax of HK 10 yuan
* Mergers and acquisitions, corporate matching, seal and rubber stamp HK 850 yuan
The total cost of the first year: HK 11.9 thousand U.S. dollars (USD 1,520)

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