Methord and Cost for closing a company
Free trade is the life-blood of Hong Kong. As a result, it is one of the most open, externally-orientated economies in the world. It is easy to set up a limited company in our Hong Kong company and is simple to close a company as well. There are two methords we would like to introduce to close a company as below:
De-registration :The fee is HK$ 2,000 (including government fee of HK$ 420 + HK$ 350 = HK$ 770) but some criteria applies includes;
Winding-up :
1.Members voluntary winding-up--HK$ 20,000
2.Creditors voluntary winding-up --HK$ 20,000
3.Creditor Compulsory winding-up --HK$ 10,000 plus service fee at discussion