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Annual Renewal - Hong Kong Company Formation

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Annual Renewal - Hong Kong Company Formation

The Hong Kong company annual renewal : renewal business registration certificate, every year to return to government brought a new annual business registration certificate, the fees for government expenses, along with government adjustment and float.

  • Hong Kong Company examined costs :
  • Annual Renewal costs 1Secretary of the statutory cost/registered address costs - HKD 1000.00
  • Annual Renewal costs 2Annual returns costs (the costs) - HKD 105.00
  • Annual Renewal costs 3Business registration fee (the cost) - HKD 2600.00
  • Annual Renewal costs 4Acting annual evaluation services(** does not do business in Hong Kong) - HKD 300.00
  • ----------------------------------- Annual Renewal Total costs: HKD 4005.00 ---------------------------------

Have business in Hong Kong, accounting rationale Account and Audit for another discussion.

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