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Rule of Law - Hong Kong Company Advantages

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Hong Kong Company Advantages - Rule of Law

The rule of law is fundamental to Hong Kong's success. Hong Kong was ruled by the British Government but it became the Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (PRC) on 1 July 1997. The British introduced the English legal system to Hong Kong. As a result, English common law and rules of equity apply. Laws in Hong Kong have also developed through the Legislative Council enacting its own statute law (i.e.Ordinance). After 1997, the laws in Hong Kong remain basically unchanged and Basic Law serves as the constitutional legislation.

Hong Kong's legal system is separate from Mainland China. The impartial judiciary is independent of the legislature and executive, and is drawn from several British Commonwealth jurisdictions as well as from Hong Kong itself. Cases are heard in English and/or Chinese.

The Court of Final Appeal operates in Hong Kong and is staffed by senior judges from Hong Kong and distinguished overseas judges on rotation. It replaced the British Privy Council as the final arbiter on all affairs other than foreign affairs, defence and Chinese constitutional issues, which are the responsibilities of the sovereign state, China.

Hong Kong has developed into one of the world's major arbitration jurisdictions since establishing its International Arbitration Centre in 1985. Its expertise in commerce, finance, shipping and construction provides the necessary pool of experienced professionals to promote dispute settlements. These include accountants, architects, bankers, engineers and insurance experts, as well as lawyers.

Hong Kong has its own 35000-strong police force. It operates independently of Mainland China's law-enforcement institutions. Crime levels in Hong Kong are low. And its streets are among the safest in the world.

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