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Skilled Workforce - Hong Kong Company Advantages

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Hong Kong Company Advantages - Skilled Workforce

Hong Kong ranks among the very best in the world in terms of management experience in international business. The extraordinary success of our economy owes much to its well-educated and adaptable workforce. Hong Kong's workforce is computer-literate, resilient, flexible and entrepreneurial. The culture here is one of industriousness underlined by a hunger among individuals to better themselves. Labour relations are generally harmonious. English is the lingua franca of the business and legal community.

Immigration procedures for skilled personnel are transparent and straightforward.

The Government is actively seeking to promote a competitive and knowledge-based workforce by a number of measures :

  • 1. Hong Kong provides nine years of free compulsory education.
  • 2. Hong Kong funds 10 universities and colleges and is engaged in boosting life-long learning through community colleges, tertiary institutions and the Internet.
  • 3. Tertiary education accounts for about one-third of the education budget.

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