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World Class Infrastructure - Hong Kong Company Advantages

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Hong Kong Company Advantages - World Class Infrastructure

The telecommunications system in Hong Kong is fully digitised. The government began de-regulating the industry as early as 1995 when it issued fixed line telecommunications network service licences to four providers. The mobile phone services market is very competitive with six operators and 11 networks. There are currently more than 200 Internet Service Providers in Hong Kong, more than five of which provide broadband connections. Broadband Internet connection is available to over 98% of households and more than 95% of business buildings.

The only modern, fully developed deep water harbour between Singapore and Shanghai, Hong Kong is the focal point of all maritime activities in southern China. The container port in and around Kwai Chung is privately owned. In 2001, Hong Kong handled a total of 17.8 million TEUs, making it the world's busiest port. Vessel turnarounds are among the fastest in the world and port charges are among the lowest world-wide. Container ships at terminal berths are routinely turned round in 10 hours or less, while conventional vessels working cargo at buoys are in port for only 1.8 days on average.

The state-of-the-art Hong Kong International Airport is just 23 minutes from the central business district by rail. Opened on July 6, 1998, the Hong Kong International Airport links to some 130 destinations world-wide served by more than 3 600 flights per week. It is already one of the world's busiest airports and can process about 35 million passengers and 3 million tonnes of air cargo annually at present.

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