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Hong Kong Company Formation - Company names

  • When you Register Hong Kong Company , you need choose Hong Kong company business name. You should take one of the following three choices.
  • - Company registration Hong Kong Chinese name only ;
  • - Company registration Hong Kong English name only ;
  • - At least 3 intended company names in order of preference ;
  • - Register both Hong Kong Company Chinese name and an English name ;

    Request Of Hong Kong Comapny name Choose :
  • - Before Hong Kong Company incorporation we always check to ensure that the name that our client chooses is available.
  • - If you would like to check a name for availability now free of charge and without any commitment please complete the form below.
  • (a) For a Chinese name, you may include English alphabets, but not English words. If you wish to include symbols in either a Chinese name or an English name, only the following symbols can be used: ! # $ % & * ‘ ( ) + - = : ; , . < > ? /
  • (b) A name which suggests that the business is incorporated with limited liability when it is not.
  • (c) Where the business is incorporated with limited liability, a name which suggests that the business is incorporated under a different name, e.g. a corporation "ABC Ltd." cannot use a business name "XYZ Ltd." Or.
  • (d) A name better use a connection with the Government or any public body when no such connection exists or has existed.
  • (e) You can think 1-6 Hong Kong Company Business Name for check that it is availability or not.
  • We will check the name for availability and will give free advice and suggestions regarding
    alternative names .
    You can do a free online company name search at ICRIS to make sure your proposed name is available before you incorporate through us .

Please following instructions

  • 1. Click the link to ICRIS.
    2. Click "Unregistered User".
    3. Click "Accept & Login" on the bottom of the page.
    4. Click "Search" on the top, then click "Company Name".
    5. Enter the FULL proposed company name and click "Search".
    6. If there is no matching company name, your proposed name should be available.
    If your first choice is not available, please contact us.

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