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How about Apply for a Gaming Junket License in Macau

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How about Apply for a Gaming Junket License in Macau

Only licensed companies can develop the activity of promotion of games of luck and chance and other casino games in Macau, according with Administrative Regulation no. 6/2002.

1. Brief introduction An applicant must have the support of one of the six licensed casino operators in the application. The Gaming Authority responsible for the revision, approval and denial of the junket license application is the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (hereinafter DICJ).

2. Application procedure To apply for a Junket License:
1 ) A company must be incorporated in Macau. Legal persons (companies) cannot be shareholders of the junket company and specific provisions need to be made in the articles of association.
2 ) The forms no. I, II, IV, and “Application for a junket license”and“Guarantee pledge of the DICJ must be filled in, signed and dully notarized. Please note that for forms II and IV must be filled in duplicate or triplicate: one for the company, one for each shareholder with more than 5% of the registered capital and for each director that is not a shareholder.
3 ) Shareholders with more than 5% of the share capital and each director that is not a shareholder must also provide: • A criminal record certificate of the place of residence. If they reside in Hong Kong where such record is not provided then a pledge must be signed; • 6 color photos of each (8cmx5cm on a white background) taken in the last 6 months.
4 ) The applicant must also proceed with a guarantee deposit of MOP$100,000.00, in benefit of the DICJ. This amount is destined to pay for the expenses of the procedure of application that the DICJ might incur. After the conclusion of the application the balance will be returned to the applicant. The applicant needs to return the original bank slip with his application.
5 ) The legal representative of the Casino will then issue a declaration addressed to DICJ stating they will work with the applicant.
6 ) Following the eventual approval of the application a Junket License is issued. A certified true copy is taken and the application for business registration is delivered in the Business Registry.
7 ) Following the registration a copy of the Business Registry Certificate must be delivered in the DICJ.
8 ) The License Junket Company is then able to operate according with the applicable laws and regulations and the terms and conditions set forth in the Junket Representative Agreement Signed with the Casino with whom he will operate.

3. Final remarks If DICJ approves the application a license will be issue and valid until the 31st of December of that same year. The application for renovation of the license for the next year must be delivered (along with a support declaration of the casino) until the 30th of September.

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