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Hong Kong Company Accounting - Offshore Company Formation

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Hong Kong Company Accounting - Offshore Company Formation

  • QIDA provide high level assurance of accounting works over different types of industry and have proficiency experience in catering, logistics, trading, retailing, club, electronic business, incorporated owners of buildings, professional association and manufacturing sectors. In order to give our clients a proper understanding on the financial issue, we purvey our professional analysis and advice with supplementary of financial reports.
  • We offer clients the accounting services, ranging from recording transactions to preparation of individual and consolidated financial statements, as follows :
  • accounting services -1Use appropriate accounting software for recording transactions
  • accounting services -2Prepare financial statements on a timely basis
  • accounting services -3Provide breakdown for the purpose of audit
  • accounting services -4Assist the establishment and improvement of enterprise's accounting system
  • Most clients require their accounting works to be prepare on a monthly basis in order to give a sharp and effective image of understanding. However, some may choose to prepare on a quarterly, half-year or annual basis.

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