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Hong Kong Company formation - Tailor Made Company

  • Day 1 - Hong Kong Company formation
  • Client to pass following information to QIDA for company names search :
  • - Address and passport (ID) copy of at least 1 shareholder and 1 director.
  • - Detail of registered address and company secretary.
  • - At least 3 intended company names in order of preference.
  • - 50% service fee as downpayment.
  • There are 3 possible ways for client to send us information :
  • Method
    1. Use this [ Hong Kong company incorporation Order Form ]
    2. Incorporation Online
    3. Directly send us an Email : hkcren@126.com with following information:
    Preferred company names
    - only English name or
    - only Chinese name or
    - English & Chinese name together
    - Surname
    - Given name
    - Passport Number
    - Nationality
    - Residential Address
    - % of shareholding of each shareholder
    Director Surname
    - Given name
    - Passport Number
    - Nationality
    - Residential Address
    Bank Account Operator : Who will be bank account authorized signatory, and whether signing singly or jointly. Above should be same as showing in passport. Please send passport copy to us by email / fax - to ensure the info is correct. Thanks.
  • Day 2 - Hong Kong Company formation
  • - QIDA confirm to client whether the names can be used.
  • - QIDA send documents to client for signature.
  • Day 3 - Hong Kong Company formation
  • - Client to pass the signed document back to QIDA for processing.
  • Day 10 - Hong Kong Company formation
  • Documents will be available to client :
  • - Certificate of Incorporation (CI).
  • - Business Registration Certificate (full amount of service fee and disbursement should be settled before application of Business Registration Certificate).When Certificate of Incorporation is available to client, the company is certified to be established and client can use the company to enter into business transaction.
  • Day 13 - Hong Kong Company formation
  • - Whole set of company kit (green box) and processed documents will be available to client.

Important Note

  • - Time required as stated is working days, not calendar days.
  • - If client can arrange to pass information, sign documents and payment within same day, the whole process can be shortened to around 7 working days.
  • The whole incorporation process and service ends here and clients should have following items with them :
  • - Green Box
  • - Certificate of Incorporation (CI)
  • - Business Registration Certificate
  • - Copies of shareholders, directors etc registration documents ( Original is kept in government for public search )
  • Courier fee for delivery of completed company registration material is not included yet in the standard service fee. Client needs to specify address and contact phone no. before exact courier fee can be quoted.

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